Pangot Birding Tour Report

Generally speaking, there are two kinds of birdwatchers. Some like watching birds through binoculars and those who prefer taking pictures of birds. Regardless of the kind of birdwatcher than one is, one thing is expected, that they are going to find immense joy from watching the bird species that they had set out to watch.

Pangot: Birdwatcher's Paradise in Uttarakhand

Crowned in the verdant hills of Uttarakhand lies a small Kumaoni village by the name of Pangot. Don’t see it like any other ordinary village, this is a place that has been attributed to supporting and protecting the lives of many rare Himalayan birds. Although for many Indians Pangot still remains a hidden gem of Uttarakhand however amongst the birdwatchers and wildlife communities it has earned the reputation of being one of the finest birding destinations on the planet.

The beauty of the Himalayan Monsoon Blossoming Plants

Discover the rich tapestry of lesser-known indigenous flora within the Pangot located in the Naina Devi bird sanctuary 16 km from Nainital, Uttarakhand Himalaya.

This region is blessed with a variety of medicinal plants, many of which are used in the local traditional medicine. The local community also has a strong religious and cultural connection to these plants, using them for ceremonies and rituals. Explore the unique beauty of this diverse landscape.

Our Father-Son Birding Adventure

There was a time when I was worried my son wasn’t spending enough time outdoors. As children, we had to be dragged back inside by our parents, while the opposite is true for our children today. I mentioned this worry to a family friend, and he suggested that, like him, my son also slowly start up birdwatching. It was, he said, an easy enough activity, and one that should be interesting enough to get him outdoors. After a lengthy conversation, my friend suggested a visit to Pangot, a place that he frequently visited in his early days of birding. 

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