A plethora of terrace fields through the thickly wooded oak forest along with nature parks and game reserves will reward you with world-class opportunities for bird watching. Treks to forested areas along with valley regions and birding hotspots will provide countless hours filled with sightings. The guide will be there to accompany you on treks from the lodge towards

  • Timla Pani
  • Kilbury Forest Rest House
  • Ghughu Khan
  • Cheena Peak
  • It is advised to opt for the option of pre-booking to avoid the last-minute rush.

Pangot is a small Himalayan village, just 15 km from the hill station Nainital. This Kumaoni hamlet has a small settlement of Kumaoni village folk. The forested areas around Pangot offer a spectacular view, lovely nature trails, and great birding opportunities. This birders paradise boasts of over 250 species sightings.

Jungle Lore Birding Lodge is not just for birders!

Our family has always been close, and once a year we make it a point to have a reunion of sorts. Since most of us are in Delhi, we usually have it in Mukteshwar. This year, we wanted to go someplace different, but we decided to do a Himalayan hill station itself since it was logistically feasible. A few friends suggested Pangot, a little hamlet near Nainital, and after a bit of a Google search, my brother and I found Jungle Lore Birding Lodge, and we decided to give it a try.
Although we were skeptical that the lodge only catered to birdwatchers, and we of course were not, the experience we had was amazing. Not only is the lodge among picturesque settings, but the gardens and rooms are beautiful too. The staff was extremely courteous and helpful, and the food was to the liking of even the fussiest of the eaters in our family (which basically means the elders).

So if the name of this lodge has kept you away till now, thinking that only birdwatchers are welcome here, you can keep that notion aside. The serene environment, beautiful views, and amazing service are things that anyone and everyone can enjoy.

Fall in love with birds and birding in Pangot

There was a time when I was worried my son wasn’t spending enough time outdoors. As children, we had to be dragged back inside by our parents, while the opposite is true for our children today. I mentioned this worry to a family friend, and he suggested that, like him, my son also slowly start birdwatching. It was, he said, an easy enough activity, and one that should be interesting enough to get him outdoors. After a lengthy conversation, my friend suggested a visit to Pangot, a place that he frequently visited in his early days of birding.
So after much cajoling, mild bribery, and light protests, our family finally went to Pangot. I still could not give my son a camera but I did buy a brand new pair of binoculars for the occasion. Jungle Lore Birding Lodge at Pangot was simply beautiful. Even the non-birdwatchers like myself would love the place for its tranquillity and great scenery. The guide and naturalist at the lodge were so friendly, patient, and skilled that after 2 days there, both my son and I developed a love for birds. A year later, it has become a fun father-son activity for us and we are already planning our next birdwatching tour!

My Neverending Love for Pangot!

“Why do you like birding in Pangot so much?” I was asked the other day by a close relative, “Surely, by now you’ve seen everything there is.”
Well, the truth is, that’s the beauty of nature. It’s both predictable and unpredictable at the same time. You could visit the same forest patch 20 times, and know exactly which tree is where. But barring a few things, you never know what you might encounter. Some birding days may be completely “dry”, where we don’t see a single bird. Others may be amazing, where you probably don’t have time to switch your binoculars from one bird to the next.

One thing that is predictable though, is the amazing time I have at Pangot, especially at Jungle Lore Birding Lodge. Every time I go, the naturalist there, Mahesh, has found something interesting for me, while the rest of the team have new stories to tell everytime we sit for a chai and a chat. Not to mention the amazing lodge amenities too. Jungle Lore always promises an amazing time. 


Bird Specialties –

  • Himalayan Griffon
  • Lammergeier
  • Blue-winged Minla
  • Rufous-bellied Woodpecker
  • Spotted & Slaty-backed Forktail
  • Rufous-bellied Niltava
  • Khalij, Cheer & Koklass Pheasant
  • Hill Partridge

Please ask us for the checklist E: info@asianadventures.in

Birds Checklist