The birds of the Himalayas are a beautiful bunch, from the shy Hill and Rufous-throated Partridges to the flamboyant Cheer and Koklass Pheasants, to the playful Red-billed Blue Magpies and laughing thrushes. Our expert guides and naturalists will ensure that you not only get quality sightings of the birds of Pangot, but also get optimum photographic opportunities wherever possible, leaving you with an album of memories of the Himalayas

Pangot is home to more than 250 different species of Himalayan birds, including pheasants and partridges, sunbirds, laughingthrushes, jays, magpies, and more! Although wild, many of these birds, especially laughingthrushes and magpies, are quite bold, and their playful antics make them excellent subjects for photography. In addition, the expert guide at Jungle Lore will be more than happy to help you find the species you desire, whether they frequent spots in and around the lodge, or a short excursion is required. The natural surroundings that we have maintained at the lodge make for great backgrounds for bird photography.

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