Those who love nature and birds, Jungle Lore Bird lodge could be an unwinding place for them. This is a beautiful lodge set amidst a beautiful set up of Oak trees with picturesque scenery of mountains behind. This place is just like another heaven for those, who are a true appreciator of nature and its diversity.

A small walk into the Jungle Lore Birding Cottage

This lodge is a cluster of 4 cottages with ample amount of amenities including attached toilets, running hot and cold water supplies, heaters, and a common dining hall where everyone residing in the lodge could come and enjoy the meal.

The best part of the dining hall is that when you are there to enjoy your meal, the get together could be exciting and everlasting. In the dining hall, there are chances to meet like-minded people and become friends with them.

The situation of all the cottages in Jungle Lore Birding Lodge

As the lodge is situated amidst the scenic beauty of Pangot, you would never want to come back from there. As told earlier, there are 4 cottages out of which the two cottages (upper and small cottages) are very close to the dining area as well as the parking.

The other cottages are on a climb of 8-10 stairs and render the beautiful views of nearby wilds. So, all in all, each of the cottages has a distinct feature, and staying in them is bliss.

Special note: Generally, food is served in the common dining room, but in special cases like when someone is incapable of climbing the stairs, food would be served upstairs.

You get an eyeful glimpse of colorful birds


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