JUNGLE LORE BIRDING LODGE - A birding lodge that is Genuine and Authentic as the Wild.


Rajesh Madan is a Delhi based branding expert (www.rajeshmadan.com). For the last three years, he has been taking a pilgrimage of sorts with a group of visually impaired people and volunteers. The initiative was born when he interacted with these wonderful people 4 years back and learnt that travelling is one of the top unfulfilled desires they have. The people who have been on these trips, be it visually impaired or volunteers, have come back transformed with whole new perspectives on life.

He has now started the process of planning for this year’s trip. And you can help by sponsoring one or more such individuals @ Rs. 5,800. Even better would be if you join him too as a sponsor volunteer. They will be going to Jungle Lore Birding Lodge in Pangot (near Nainital). And he guarantees it will be a trip you will not forget your whole life. You can WhatsApp your desire to sponsor at 9810237173.

Do note that if you know a visually impaired person, he/she can apply to come on board as a fellow traveller by paying just Rs. 2,500.


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