There was a time when I was worried my son wasn’t spending enough time outdoors. As children, we had to be dragged back inside by our parents, while the opposite is true for our children today. I mentioned this worry to a family friend, and he suggested that, like him, my son also slowly start up birdwatching. It was, he said, an easy enough activity, and one that should be interesting enough to get him outdoors. After a lengthy conversation, my friend suggested a visit to Pangot, a place that he frequently visited in his early days of birding. 

So after much cajoling, mild bribery, and light protests, our family finally went to Pangot. I still could not give my son a camera but I did buy a brand-new pair of binoculars for the occasion. Jungle Lore Birding Lodge at Pangot was simply beautiful. Even the non-birdwatchers like myself would love the place for its tranquillity and great scenery. The guide and naturalist at the lodge were so friendly, patient, and skilled that after 2 days there, my son and I developed a love for birds. A year later, it has become a fun father-son activity for us and we are already planning our next birdwatching tour!

Shyamsunder D. writes